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Scala Crossmedia creates first-rate brands for over 883,000 hobbyists who are looking to get creative. We do more than just inspire, we bring people with a specific hobby together through 13 cross- media brands and platforms.

Aan de Haak

Aan de Haak offers everything having to do with crochet. Each month, we provide you with plenty of fun and challenging crochet patterns, both in the magazine and as online patterns you can buy separately or find on the all-you-can-crochet platform Haakflix.

Amigurumi Magazine

What started as a one-time special of Aan de Haak turned out to be a great success among fans. Amigurumi Magazine provides the most enchanting patterns for figurines crocheted in the round.


This fairly new brand started as a special from our magazines HobbyHandig and Aan de Haak. Due to its success, we now publish two magazines a year with stylish knitting projects for both beginners and advanced knitters. It features all sorts of clothing, accessories, and techniques!

Fun Crochet Magazine

Scala Crossmedia started publishing Fun Crochet Magazine in 2022. It is the English translation of our Dutch magazine Aan de Haak.


Haakflix is a top-notch all-you-can-crochet platform. For all skill levels and all ages. Anyone with a passion for crochet can set to work with over 350 crochet patterns with unlimited and worry-free access to Haakflix.

Het Ree

On behalf of Vereniging Het Ree (a Dutch hunters’ association), Scala Crossmedia publishes their association magazine. Het Ree informs and inspires members of the association and appears 4 times a year.


In HobbyHandig you can read all about creative hobbies, from yarn crafts to card making, from home decor to textiles, plant decorations, and much more. In addition to many step-by-step DIY items, we inspire you with reading stories, news, and the latest creative trends.


Hobbyou is where you order all your favorite hobby magazines and supplies. In this webshop you will find all issues of our brands, online articles and patterns, recipes, a (starter) kit for your hobby, and much more!

Loving Paper

For all paper enthusiasts, we have the amazing brand Loving Paper. It features the latest paper trends and is a hands-on magazine with not just inspiration, but rather step-by-step projects combining different techniques: journaling, hand lettering, card making, mixed media, scrapbooking, and stamping.

Mijn Hobbykaart XL

In Mijn Hobbykaart XL you will not only find inspiration and instructions for card making, but also lots of cut-out pages with illustrations and patterns for you to use to give your cards a personal twist. Mijn Hobbykaart XL stands for inspiration, but mostly for doing it yourself!

MjamTaart Zoet en Eten

MjamTaart Zoet Magazine offers recipes and inspiration for baking cakes, cookies, (cup)cakes, bread, and many more sweet treats. A special, thicker issue is published in the fall: the 132-page Christmas special Eten Magazine with over 90 recipes, both sweet and savory.

Quilt & Zo

Quilt & Zo provides everything you need to get started on the most beautiful quilt projects. It caters for the traditional, the contemporary, the advanced, and the beginning quilter. In addition to DIY projects, Quilt & Zo covers many techniques and inspires with unique stories of textile artists.


For over 40 years, Railhobby has been the leading brand in The Netherlands for railfans and railway modeling enthusiasts. The magazine contains all information about model trains, product news, model train testing, as well as news from railroad companies all over the world.

Textiel Plus

TxP (Textiel Plus) is the leading magazine on textile art and is published four times a year. It is curated for textile artists and experts. The 52-page magazine offers abundant inspiration and information in the field of textile art.

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