Custom Media

We are happy to put the best practices of our own brands to work for you as our partner; we offer tailored solutions to unburden you. We have set up our processes efficiently, have never missed a deadline, and thanks to the size of our company, you will benefit from the economies of scale we are able to achieve. Scala share(s) your passion, especially in what it can do for you.

Content creation and coordination

Creating targeted content and working with deadlines is part of our DNA. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what to pay attention to when creating content, both online and offline. Guiding content processes with strict deadlines, taking care of final editing, managing photographers and designers, controlling traffic and planning, we can do it all! 

Art work (Design) and restyling

Our graphic designers have a great deal of experience with designing and DTP of magazines, promotion materials, advertisements, news letters, banners, and more. Need help designing a new visual identity, or a complete restyling of your magazine or brand? Our designers are happy to help you find a look and feel that suits your brand! look and feel!

Publishing services

Scala Crossmedia has become a household name in the publishing business. Thanks to our extensive network, we can unburden you by providing several publishing services, such as print procurement, sealing and mailing, or subscription administration and billing. Not only do we take work off your hands, but you also benefit from competitive prices and rates through our economy of scale.

Concept development and consulting

Looking to launch a new concept or give more visibility to your current product? We are happy to work with you to develop a new concept and establish a tailor-made plan so that you can achieve your business goals. We also offer practical assistance with matters such as (online) marketing and audience research.


As CEO of Scala Crossmedia, Ashja Bosboom-Fetvaciyan knows what it takes to run a company. Could you use some guidance in how to lead your company, a sparring partner for strategy issues, or are you looking to innovate but have no idea where to start? Ashja is happy to think with you about matters such as leadership or innovation opportunities.


Scala maakt haar merken niet alleen voor de Nederlandse en Belgische markt, maar vertaalt de content ook voor internationale markten en platforms. Bijvoorbeeld in het Engels -wij zijn ook gevestigd in Londen!- Scala does not only create brands for the Dutch and Belgian market, but also translates its contents for international markets and platforms. For example in English - we have our own London office! - and German. We are happy to put our international knowledge and services to work for you by helping you find international partners and translate or publish your brand or product

Scala offers several services that can be combined to suit your needs. If interested in one or more of our services, please contact: Thamar Mantel +31 (0)33-4892903



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