Why Scala

Scala connects people through content. Our mission is to create a world where we know how to find each other online and offline, inspire each other, and build on the passion we share. In the creative field or beyond. A world in which you are challenged to show and share your hobby. You don't have to, but you can. In that world, Scala Crossmedia is there for you. 

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Passie voor creativiteit

Al meer dan 28 jaar werkt Marion Boeckhout, Chief editor, binnen de…

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With a team of 0 people and a flexible shell of 0 employees We create over 0articles annually and meet all 0+ deadlines. As a result, we reach more than 0 hobbyists who want to be creative
Scala, share(s) your passion

Custom Media

Scala Crossmedia started out as a magazine publisher, but has since continued to develop in the fields of (online) publishing, platforms, web shops, (online) marketing, and event organization. Furthermore, Scala issues several licenses abroad and supports third parties with advice and custom media services. By partnering with Scala, you will benefit from our extensive network and the years of expertise we have build up through our own brands. We are happy to put the best practices of our own brands to work for you as our partner; we offer tailored solutions to unburden you. Interested and like to know more?
Publishing services
Extensive network of printing and mail-order companies.
Content creation and coordination
We know what is important.
Sparring partner for strategy, leadership, and innovation issues.

This is team Scala

Bij Scala werken we keihard om voor onze klanten het beste eindresultaat neer te zetten. Met een team van 20 mensen en een flexibele schil van 300 medewerkers bereiken we meer dan 883.000 hobbyisten die creatief bezig willen zijn. Elke dag is anders en er is genoeg te doen. Wij zijn aanpakkers die van vernieuwing houden en stellen ons graag aan je voor.

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Passie voor creativiteit

Al meer dan 28 jaar werkt Marion Boeckhout, Chief editor, binnen de…

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Scala Crossmedia groeit met overname van Stitch at Home en…

Integratie nieuwe merken brengt een nog breder aanbod bij crossmediabedrijf AMERSFOORT, 23…

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Even aanhaken bij Aan de Haak

Hi! Ik ben Harriëtte, brand coördinator van Aan de Haak. Hét Nederlandse…

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