In Mijn Hobbykaart XL you will not only find inspiration and instructions for card making, but also lots of cut-out pages with illustrations and patterns for you to use to give your cards a personal twist. Mijn Hobbykaart XL stands for inspiration, but mostly for doing it yourself!

Mijn Hobbykaart XL: get inspired and get started!

Mijn Hobbykaart XL is a magazine and a book full of cut-out pages in one. 6 times a year, you are provided with descriptions of a variety of techniques and step-by-step instructions. As a bonus you can find inspiration in the 28 cut-out pages with simple instructions and an additional 6 pages full of extras that can be used to give your cards a personal twist. The provided patterns will help you make embroidered and uniquely shaped cards. Get started with the Mijn Hobbykaart XL cut-out pages, because after all, nothing tops a handmade card!

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Magazine with cut-out pages

Magazine publication frequency 
5x a year 

Magazine reach: 31,000
Cross-media reach: 50,000

card making, cut-outs, patterns, techniques

Mijn Hobbykaart XL can also be read via our own online archives and via digital magazine platform Readly.

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Rebecca de Winter
T: +31 (0)314-763735

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