What started as a one-time special of Aan de Haak turned out to be a great success among fans. Amigurumi Magazine provides the most enchanting patterns for figurines crocheted in the round. Amigurumi is a Japanese word to describe small, stuffed crocheted creatures. What makes this technique so much fun is that in stead of crocheting back and forth, you work in a spiral.

Diverse crochet technique

The Japanese Amigurumi technique is mostly used to make stuffed animals and dolls. But it can just as easily be used to make flowers, pendants, or Christmas decorations. These crochet projects do not only make the best gifts for babies and children, but are equally great to decorate your home with. Both the beginner and advanced crocheter will find plenty of challenging patterns in Amigurumi Magazine.

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Amigurumi Magazine is an Aan de Haak special, full of crochet patterns for the cutest figurines crocheted in the round

Magazine publication frequency
3x per jaar

Magazine reach: 46,100
Cross-media reach: 98,000Cross-media reach: 98,000

stuffed animals, dolls, home decor, gifts
Online en platform
Amigurumi Magazine can also be read via our own online archives of Aan de Haak and via digital magazine platform Readly. The patterns are also available on platform Haakflix.nl
Contact Medialijn
Rina Meijerman
T: +31 (0)314-763735
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