Aan de Haak is a first-rate magazine for both beginners and advanced crocheters. Each issue is full of crochet patterns for home decor projects, items for your wardrobe, and unique gifts. The patterns contain step-by-step instructions, often accompanied by colorful photos or pattern diagrams. In addition to crochet patterns, you will find reading stories, news, and inspiration in Aan de Haak.

For crochet lovers

Whether you are a beginner in crochet or a seasoned crochet artist, you will find everything you need for your hobby at Aan de Haak! Each year, we pack 12 magazines - 6 x Aan de Haak, 4 x Amigurumi Magazine , and 2 x a Collector’s Edition - full of the most inspiring crochet patterns and the latest news. On our website, you will find information on the basic crochet stitches, and challenging Crochet Alongs to participate in. With a subscription to our all-you-can-crochet platform Haakflix, you can crochet unlimited and worry-free day in, day out. In short, Aan de Haak offers daily inspiration for all crochet lovers!

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Aan de Haak is the one and only Dutch crochet magazine

Magazine publication frequency
10x per jaar: 5 regulier, 3 amigurumi, 2 collector editions

Magazine reach: 46,100
Cross-media reach: 98,000Cross-media reach: 98,000
Pinterest: averaged 89,600 per month

inspiration, home decor, fashion, stuffed animals, accessories, techniques

Online en platform
Aan de Haak can also be read via our own online archives and digital magazine platform Readly, and it has its own platform Haakflix.nl

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Contact Medialijn
Rina Meijerman
T: +31 (0)314 - 76 37 35

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