Quilt & Zo provides everything you need to get started on the most beautiful quilt projects. It caters for the traditional, the contemporary, the advanced, and the beginning quilter. In addition to DIY projects, Quilt & Zo covers many techniques and inspires with unique stories shared by textile artists.
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It is easy to get started

At Quilt & Zo, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to get started on your favorite quilting project right away. With step-by-step instructions and lots of patterns. We also provide readers with an overview of the best local stores (and webshops) in The Netherlands and in association with the designers, we assemble quilting kits to be sold on our webshop Hobbyou.nl. That is how we make sure you have everything you need to get started!

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Quilt & Zo is the magazine for contemporary and traditional quilting

Magazine publication frequency
4x a year

Magazine reach: 22,900
Cross-media reach: 35,700
Pinterest: averaged 2800 per month

Quilting, Textiles & Crafts, Inspiration, Patterns

Online and platform
Quilt & Zo can also be read via our own online archives and via digital magazine platform Readly.

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Contact Medialijn
Rina Meijerman
T: +31 (0)314 - 76 37 35

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