Want to go for a walk? Shun is always up for a bit of fresh air. Need a cuddle? Shun’s your girl! Visitors will be met with an inviting woof.

Online redacteur Textilia & Schoenvisie

Merk en redactiecoördinator Textilia & Schoenvisie.

Merkcoördinator HobbyHandig & Mijn Hobbykaart XL.

Danielle Seegers has an attention to detail. She does her work meticulously and enjoys working in the Finance & Office department.

Graphic designer bij Scala Crossmedia.

Graphic designer bij Scala Crossmedia.

As a graphic designer, Lisette is responsible for the layout of Aan de Haak, Mijn Hobbykaart XL, and other creative designs. She is always on the lookout for most beautiful visual expressions.

Sales manager fashion bij Scala Crossmedia.

Office manager and shop assistant at Scala Crossmedia.



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